HOLIDAYS:  City Ballet will be closed September 5th for Labor Day, October 3rd for Rosh Hashanah, October 12th
for Yom Kippur, November 23rd - 27th for Thanksgiving, December 19th - January 2 for Winter/Christmas Break, January 16th for Martin Luther King Day, and March 13th - 19th for Spring Break. These holidays are factored into the tuition.
ASSIGNMENT:  Just as with academic school, City Ballet makes every effort to place students within age groups when
possible, but more importantly, we assign levels according to physical maturity and technical ability. Students must maintain a good attendance record to be advanced to the next level. Students who miss class are expected to attend a class of a comparable level to make up for the work missed.
ETTIQUETTEBallet is an art form, which requires discipline. Students are expected to be respectful of other students and their instructors at all times. For the benefit of all, students, parents and siblings should maintain quiet in the lobby and dressing room. Students who are disruptive in class will be dismissed from the class. Repeated disruptions will result in the student’s dismissal from City Ballet without a tuition refund.

  • Students are expected to attend all classes in which they are enrolled. Excessive absences may retard the progress and ultimate promotion of the student.
  • Students are expected to be on time for class. Late arrivals will be asked to observe class in lieu of participation.
  • Prompt retrieval of your child will ensure his/her safety. Students are asked to remain in the school lobby and not outside while waiting for rides. Siblings are not the responsibility of City Ballet.
  • Students should not enroll in any activity that will conflict with their scheduled class as it is disruptive to their progress, and is unfair to expect the teacher to take class time away from the rest of the students to re-teach what was missed.
  • Food, drink, and chewing gum are not permitted in the studio or dressing room.  
  • Students are not permitted to play the piano.

REQUIRED ATTIRE : Traditionally, the magic of the theatre is kept within the studio walls or behind the proscenium of the theatre stage. Dance practice clothing and costumes are considered inappropriate street wear and under certain circumstances can attract unhealthy, unsafe, or hazardous situations. Out of respect for others and for your own well being, both young dancers and adult students are asked to wear street clothes over their leotard to and from City Ballet.


We have a special dance surface on our floor at City Ballet. Dirt and street oils put slippery build up on this surface making it dangerous for dancers in Pointe shoes. Students will not be permitted to wear their ballet shoes into class if they arrive wearing them.
•Students will not be allowed to participate in class without proper attire. *

* Female Students

  • black leotard (non-shiny)
  • footed pink tights (non-shiny)
  • pink ballet shoes or Pointe shoes with elastics and/or ribbons sewn on
  • hair secured in a bun . . a headband must be worn for short hair

* Male Students

  • white t-shirt
  • black tights w/ dance belt
  • white ballet shoes with elastics sewn on and white socks


* Female Students

  • black leotard (non-shiny)
  • convertible black or pink tights (non-shiny)

* Male Students

  • white t-shirt
  • black tights footless or convertible tights w/ dance belt

In order for the faculty to offer the highest quality of injury free and anatomically correct instruction, the full anatomy must be seen; therefore no t-shirts, shorts, or sweat pants are permitted in any class. For your own safety and the safety of others, no jewelry other than pierced ear studs may be worn in class. Formfitting leg warmers may be worn by Pointe students at the barre only.
RECITAL - City Ballet’s students participate in an annual performance at McFarlin Memorial Auditorium on the SMU campus at the end of the year. Each class performs original choreography specifically set for that group of students. Therefore, students who miss their regular class during rehearsals will not receive instruction in their dance during another class. This year’s performance is scheduled for Saturday, May 6th. Students will learn their dances during regularly scheduled classes. Additional rehearsals will be held at City Ballet for ALL students performing: Saturday, April 8th, April 22rd, and April 29th. The Technical/Walk-on rehearsal, Tuesday, May 2nd and Dress Rehearsal, Thursday, May 4th. will be held at McFarlin Auditorium. You will receive a recital packet before April 8th with more detailed information and your student’s scheduled rehearsal times.
COSTUMES -  Tasteful and appropriate costumes are ordered for each student for each dance in which they perform.
Students in all levels of Pre-Ballet and Ballet will have one (1) dance. Students in all Pointe levels will have two (2) dances. Students enrolled in Modern will have a costume for their Modern dance as well. Costume payments are due on or before December 3rd. A late fee of $15.00 will be added to payments received after December 3rd. Students are measured between Thanksgiving and Winter break for their recital costume. We allow for growing room, yet want the costume to fit properly without bagging. Costumes must be ordered before the Winter/Christmas Holiday to ensure they are received and
altered by the recital date. Costumes are altered, steamed, tacked and given to the students prior to the dress rehearsal. Students will not receive their costumes until all tuition and fees for the year are paid.
AWARDS -  Awards are presented during the Recital to students who have studied Five (5) or more consecutive years at City Ballet. The awards are keepsakes that become reminders of their performances, hard work and their commitment to their Ballet training.
INCLEMENT WEATHER -  In case of inclement weather, it will be the responsibility of the student to check their email or call City Ballet (214 368 5250). An email and recording will be available concerning closings.

2016 - 2017 General Information

City Ballet

ENROLLMENT: Enrollment at City Ballet is for the entire school year. A student is considered enrolled for the year, and will be responsible for tuition until written notification is received to the contrary. An $85.00 nonrefundable enrollment fee is due at the time of enrollment for the year and includes summer enrollment. There is no enrollment fee for adult ballet.

TUITION:  Tuition is based on the number of classes each level attends in the year. City Ballet accepts check or cash payments only, not debit or credit cards. Tuition is payable in either monthly (8), trimester (3), or semester (2) payments. Trimester and semester tuitions are discounted. Monthly tuition payments are due on or before the first day of each calendar moth. There will be a $10.00 late fee added to payments made after the 10th of the month, a $15.00 late fee added to payments made after the 15th of the month, and a $20.00 late fee will be added to payments made after the 20th day of the month. Trimester payments are due at the time of enrollment, on or before November 14th, and on or before February 6th. Trimester payments will not be accepted after August 29th or November 19th, or February 11th. After these dates, tuition will revert to monthly tuition payments (pro-rated) until the next trimester payment is due. Semester payments are due at the time of enrollment and on or before January 3rd. After these dates, tuition will revert to monthly payments until the next semester payment is due. The $85.00 enrollment fee is to be added to the first tuition payment and is due at the time of enrollment. Both the enrollment fee and first tuition payment must be received to hold the student’s place in the class. City Ballet only bills students whose tuition was not paid in the month in which it was due. There is a $25.00 fee for each returned check. There are no refunds, credits or transfers of tuition. Once classes have begun, tuition is not refundable. There is no reduction in tuition for classes missed. Students are encouraged to attend a class of comparable level to make up for the class missed.